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Imagine Joburg as a World Class African City

Posted by Talitha Hlaka on October 18, 2016 2:40 PM SAST
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Joburg is often referred to as a "World Class African City", but have you ever thought of what this means exactly? Off the top of my mind I would say an advanced African city, a city with endless possibilities, rich in resources, infrustructure, strong economically and a city that is one with its people. It is a smart city that engages its people and together they build a resilient city. 

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A more passionate Joburg lover you will not find

Posted by Talitha Hlaka on September 1, 2016 1:45 PM SAST
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Meet Rika Joubert, a strong, caring woman who lives in an apartment block on Prayer Hill in Yeoville. She believes in giving back where she can, caring for the environment, caring for her neighbours and recycling her waste; all bar one small shopping packet of rubbish a week. Prayer Hill is an area of land of not more than one square kilometre, that affords the most incredible views of Johannesburg, ‘houses' a small group of homeless people, is used by communities as a prayer site and is a stop on walking tour of the inner city.

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