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Key PeopleEmily Wellman (NOAH CAN ADMIN) / to join
Area(s) ServedWard 73 and beyond


Fairly early in lockdown, a group fo concerned residents formed the community action network, with the support of Gauteng Together. A community action network can constitute a neighbourhood, a street, a group of friends, a group of strangers...Slow but sure, word got out and volunteers joined the group. Early on we'd decided that we wanted to focus on our electoral ward as a rough boundary. Ward 73 includes Norwood, Orange Grove and Houghton, along with a bunch of smaller suburbs, thus the name NOAH.

Everyone is a volunteer and every single cent collected is spent on food parcels with minor exceptions for communications, for example, communications being the weekly SMSs that are sent to recipients to advise that they can collect a food parcel.

Some volunteers have more time mostly due to the effect the lockdown laws have had on their work lives, but as everyone's time commitments open up or reduce, everyone embraces every minute spent with gratitude.

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