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What is our business about?

Faneloeuville Arts is a Private (Pty Ltd) Company, which Produces and trades Portrait and Contemporary Art products.

The vision of the Company as we tell our Story, is to echo stories which resonate we our clientele and most importantly, to introduce inclusive investment packages to clients of all economic incomes.

Who we are?


We are a Portrait and Visual Contemporary Artwork Company, based in Meadowlands, a local forming part of Soweto. We have been in existence since December 21, 2021.

We Produce Bespoke Craftsman Artwork for either Paper (Graphite/Charcoal, Pastel Colours, Coffee, oil or Acrylic) and Digital (NFTs and Print Artwork).


Our company service offering

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Company details


Telephone number: 076 4949 152

Email Address:

Social Media handles:

(i) Facebook: Faneloeuville Arts Multimedia

(ii) Instagram: faneloeuvillearts

(iii) WhatsApp: 076 4949 152

(iv) Twitter: @FEAcontemporary

(v) TikTok: faneloeuvillearts

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