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Houghton School was established in 1946. Initially the enrolment was about 100 boys and girls from the area. The learners were predominantly Jewish and from well to do families. The school is situated in a wealthy area but today the majority of our learners are from outside our area.

Houghton school has many traditions and high standards which we strive to maintain. Many of our learners are accepted to the excellent private and public secondary schools in our area. There they distinguish themselves and become valuable members of our society. Last year two of our ex learners received top academic honours with the most distinctions at St Johns College and at Parktown boys High School. We are proud of the fact that Houghton school learners numbers have grown from an initial 100 learners to the 572 learners we have enrolled today. Due to the demand we are now expanding to three classes per grade and we introduced a Grade R class in 2000.

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