• Dec. 20 2021
  • Hlengiwe Zwane

Pitching to retailers

Article by Anton Ressel

Do you have a product that you think would be a perfect fit for Pick n Pay, Massmart, or any other large retailers? 

The secret to successfully pitching your product to a retailer is making sure your offering is up to scratch, says business strategist and entrepreneur, Anton Ressel.

  • Dec. 20 2021
  • Hlengiwe Zwane

6 common mistakes small businesses make

Article by Dov Girnun 
We've all heard the scary statistics that the majority of small businesses fail within their first three years of operation. This is mostly a result of poor planning and funding.
  • Dec. 7 2021
  • Hlengiwe Zwane

Your local chamber of commerce is a great place to start

The access to information, support and training, as well as business networking are some of the most crucial resources necessary for the growth and survival of both small and big businesses, with the recent SME Index by Business Partners Limited reporting that most small business owners surveyed cited a lack of support as one of the biggest hindrances to their businesses.

  • Dec. 2 2021
  • Hlengiwe Zwane

How to expand your businesses network

There are many pluses to running your own business, you set your hours, decide on your daily agenda and have no one to report to, but flying solo can be an isolating experience. It is important to put yourself and your business out there. Here are the best places to interact and expand your business network:

  • Nov. 18 2021
  • Hlengiwe Zwane

Top 5 skills every entrepreneur should have

What are the 5 skills every entrepreneur should have? 
An entrepreneur refers to someone who builds or operates their own business. Though having an equity stake in the firm, the entrepreneur can enjoy a great deal of profit if things go well but they also take on a great deal of risk, far more than a regular employee of the business. This entrepreneurial risk can take several forms, including financial risk, career risk, emotional risk, or overall business risk.

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