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Introduction & Background

Mmangweta Kasaalibruhan Foundation is an NPC based in Johannesburg a very overpopulated city whose healthy environment is in deep crisis. We as Mmangweta believe that we can be of help in bringing change to resolve the challenges we face regarding a healthy lifestyle, social and environmental issues.

Poverty reduction strategies need to be implemented to revive our glorious city. We have had numerous challenges due to COVID-19 since the pandemic hit our shores which left thousands of families in a crisis, children left without parents and being orphaned, which resulted in child-headed families. Many young people found solace in drugs to ease their pain and suffering, businesses collapsed, retrenchments were on the rise and the unemployment rate went sky-high.


To inspire lifelong learning, advance knowledge, and strengthen our communities.


To establish as a leading socially responsible organization that contributes to the sustainable socio-economic development of our country to create a better South Africa by being professional, caring, and innovative in all we endeavour to do:

  • To make a significant difference and positive impact on the livelihood of our community
  • To give hope to the community and to bring back their dignity
  • We are committed to adding value by focusing on the means to satisfy needs rather than highlighting the needs. Community empowerment is our drive.

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Yes it is an is amazing thank you so much karabo may God bless you

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Mmangweta Tsukudu

4 months ago

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