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Play Africa

Play Africa is the first interactive children’s museum in Southern Africa. Named “one of the world’s most impactful and scalable education innovators” by HundrED.org, Play Africa bridges divides with inclusive, equitable learning spaces, hands-on exhibits, programmes, parent engagement and teacher training. Focusing on creative, holistic and playful learning in early childhood development (ECD) and primary education, Play Africa empowers children with skills for a changing world. At Play Africa, everyone can play, discover, innovate and connect.

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A resource for early ECD educators to build STEM skills and climate change awareness through play.

Develop skills for a changing world

Unlock the joy of play and discovery with STEM Seeds! Play Africa created this curriculum resource for early childhood development (ECD) and pre-school educators. It also inspires primary school teachers, parents and other caregivers. This PDF has 114 pages of easy-to-try ideas to enrich teaching using everyday materials.

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Resources for educators to build awareness of the Constitution, children’s rights and democracy through dialogue and play

Easy-to-adapt lesson plans, objectives, time suggestions and materials that work in any classroom setting… including yours! Enliven classroom learning with playful lesson plans aligned to Curriculum and Assessment Policy Statement (CAPS) national standards for Grades 3, 4, 5 and 6. Flexible and easy! Teachers from Grade 1 through high school have adapted these materials.

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Every parent has what it takes to build their child’s brain and capacity to learn

Science shows us the first years of a child’s life develop the most important foundation for later learning. Play is your child’s full-time job. It develops his or her brain to be ready to learn in school. It also teaches problem-solving, creativity, social skills and empathy. You don’t need toys or other expensive things to do this for your child. You already have what you need. Every shared moment can be an opportunity to learn. We’ll show you how! Please fill out your details so we can email all the Play Africa Activity Packs to you.

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