Keep calm and love South Africa

Posted by Talitha Hlaka on May 16, 2017 11:25 AM SAST

Apologies for the delay in getting this blog written. I had promised myself that my next blog – this one – would be upbeat and positive. And it took me this long to reach this positive outlook. With thanks to my MD and friend, Janice Scheckter, who said, ’the beginning of the end has begun’. And she is right. Even if the end only comes in 2019, the end is in sight.  

It has been a trying and challenging few weeks for my country, South Africa. We have mourned the loss of another of our greatest leaders and visionaries -  a giant of a man, fondly known as ‘Uncle Kathy’. A man who stood at the side of truth and justice, and at the side of our most revered and loved president, Dr Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela. We bemoaned our downgraded credit ratings and the events that led to them. We lamented the death of 18 bright and talented school children, and thousands more taken from us because, as a nation, we do not respect each other – the carnage on our roads continues unabated. We hid our heads in shame brought upon each of us by those who refuse to leave.

We have reached rock bottom and the only way from here is up. I believe in South Africa and its beautiful people. If we believe we will rise up, we will realise our potential to become the greatest nation. All that will be left will be a distant memory of this dark period.

Another dark period that we overcame so successfully, was the end to apartheid. Our incredible leaders ushered in the end of injustice peacefully.

Overcome the carnage that greed, corruption and looting has reduced our country to?

‘Is that all? Piece of cake.’

We are many – those of us who love South Africa; those of us who believe in its future, our future and our children’s future; those of us who are prepared to work to achieve it. We must not underestimate the power we have. Use this power collectively and it would be unstoppable. I know many of us are despondent and some are desperate with despair. We are fearing the loss of our beloved country. I urge you to look for the positive. Visualise a bright future and it will appear, rising from the ashes like a phoenix – restored and stronger.

Let’s become positive and active citizens. It may be as simple as just creating awareness around a challenge or cause. Join the Joburg City Network to create a group to start engaging in active citizenry. We owe it to ourselves, the future of the next generation and our beloved country.


Raashida Khan is first and foremost a passionate South African and Account Director at Indigo New Media.

Joburg City Network is a digital community building a connected, shareable and more resilient city using online tools and collaboration as catalysts for change and development.


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