Online communities growing niche as needs arise

Posted by Hlengiwe Zwane on September 22, 2021 12:00 PM SAST

Article by Andrea Susman
Online communities and interest groups are currently undergoing something of a revolution due to the demand for more niche offerings. Things are changing and rapidly so.

Reddit’s co-founder, Alexis Ohanian menttioned during Business Insider’s IGNITION conference that “We’ve hit peak social where there are too many platforms where we follow individuals and they have run their course, they have reached the ceiling."

People are screaming more and more for community. This shift is allowing for an acccess of new platforms and apps to take hold in the current imerging market demand.

Gina Bianchini the founder and CEO of Mighty Networks said “there is no Facebook Killer.” And he is right no single company, app, service or platform will take the crown. Instead, the biggest success will be reserved for a mix of communities and platforms that cater to niche interests.

People are coming together as a community to embrace more specific interests and activities. This presents an incredible opportunity for marketers and businesses alike to really hone in on the idea of a like minded and supportive community. Digital brand communities are more valuable now than they have ever been.

A mobile mindset paired with content, experience relevancy and convenience for the customer are necessary components of any business success strategy. More so if the organisation wants to thrive in today’s landscape. The ideal solution for delivering these disparate elements is to establish a digital community. Bare in mind it is not enough to just throw together an app or digital community space, you must provide something that is actually relevant to your target audience.

The rise of niche communities and digital networks supports this idea and provides a glimpse of things yet to come. We predict the future will be all about these community oriented, user serving platforms. After all, no one is going to use a network that doesn’t offer them the best value in return.

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